Ketinggalan Zaman

What happened actually to Malaysian politics? Seriously I don't know anything. Just watched television to see the results after voting last night (but I didn't go for voting, not qualified yet).

Rakyat saling menuding jari. I don't know. Seriously, I don't know. I don't know anything.

The only thing for sure, push the government to settle all manifestos they've made before the election. Don't take things for granted.

So now, focus on main thing. FOCUS!

Have a big heart! Yeehoo!

Terakhir, boleh tolong, bagi link yang boleh dipercayai... Oh, I can't rely on website. Sebab orang yang tulis dalam blog biasanya bias terhadap satu parti sahaja.

But still, nak baca.


Every problems have the solution. Not one, but many solutions. Think!

Blackout? Go check my facebook profile picture :)

Lastly, Salaam!