It's been a long time.....

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera....

Sudah sekian lama x meng'update' belog yang dirasakan telah bersawang dan berdebu! I was currently continuing my study in foundation in science at University of Malaya. So, without laptop, I can't updating my latest story here plus with the busy-ness, very very pack timetable and lot of assingment have to finish every week. So i decided to 'cool down'. Hehe! But next time I promise I'll often updating my blog! That's all!


Tabung kewangan saya sambung belajar Asasi di Universiti Malaya. ^^


  1. hi there, i have just followed your blog..i hope you can follow me back..u have a nice blog here..
    i will be waiting for you on my blog...see u there..cheers

  2. Hi there! I had followed you back!


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