What Your Birthday Reveals About You

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejatera...

Pagi yang indah...Pada hari semalam, telah pergi ke Library, then kawan telah memberi baca sebuah buku yang bertajuk 'What Your Birthday Reveals About You'.

Syafiq Ahadin dilahirkan pada 7 September.... ^^ Masih bawah umur tapi muka matang macam orang tua...nvm. Abaikan...

This is what I got from the book:

Born on 7th September.
The enigmatic individuals born on this day are deep thinkers who play their cards close to chest. Others may regard you as secretive or mysterious because your somewhat solitary nature is much given to private contemplation. capable and and self-sufficient, you can't bear it when your plans are interfered with. You like working at your own pace, and when left to your own devices, you get the job done. Answers arrived at by other people rarely satisfy you because you prefer figuring out for yourself.
Unlike other virgins, those born on September 7 think with their hearts and follow their instincts. Despite a tendency to be highly critical of everyone and everything,your own sensitivity and touchiness make it difficult for you to deal with criticism or disapproval that is aimed at you. This combination of practicality, efficiency, and perfectionism of your intellectual Virgo Sun, along with the spiritually, creativity, and imagination of the number seven, produces odd dichotomy of artistic temperament and scientific mentality. This mix bodies especially well for a career in medicine, scientific research, social services, education, the media, the arts, politics, or religion.
A loving union is high on your list of priorities, and without it you may retreat into the fantasy world of your imagination. In a close relationship, your emotional inner nature craves tenderness and warmth, but your cerebral, rational side prefers stimulating intellectual companionship.... =)

Ada yang betul, secara tidak sengaja. Tapi ada yang tidak betul...haha!!

Then next is number 7, sebab saya lahir pada 7 Sept...

Born on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month
The typical number seven is a truth-seeking intellectual with a decided knack for sizing up any situation in the blink of an eye. You have a deep reservoir of wisdom, a vivid imagination, and possibly clairvoyant or physic abilities. You insight and intuition work hand in hand with your analytical mind to tie data together. Musical, poetic, and artistic abilities is quite common among those with this vibration, and you could be skilled in handicrafts, writing, dancing or painting. Other people may regard you as as a genuine mystery, because you somewhat solitary nature is much given to private contemplation.
Seven is a spiritual number, and you could be deeply religious or interested in various aspects mysticism an the occult. Although some seven are drawn to traditional religions, others prefer alternative spiritual movements. Occasionally sevens create religions of their own based on their unorthodox mystical beliefs. If your root number is seven, you are extremely curious and willing to experiment outside the mainstream when it suits your purpose.
Intimate relationships, however, can be difficult for you. You function best in an individual capacity where you are the authority in your own realm. Because your breathe the rarefied air of a visionary, you may feed misunderstood and unappreciated. You need to find a partner who understands your moodiness and desire for periods solitude. You're actually happiest on your own or with someone who's tuned in to your wavelength.

Perghhh!!! Kira macam ada laaa jugak yang betull but not everything right....

So, pergilah ke google translate kalau tidak paham...

Sila baca post paling popular ini... Wanita tercantik sepanjang zaman.... ^^

 Kucing di cafe....


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