English Test - Maths Test - Chemistry Test

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

I've just realised that my weekend was just being very POINTLESS! I've done nothing much at all! Sitting in front of lappy, listening to music and what-so-ever thing. 

I met my friend, Salleh. And he said: "Esok ada test maths kan?!"

Allah! I forgot bout that! What should I do? I feel asleep now! Neither touch and read nor do revision! Biar ja la.!

Struggling! Pada suatu hari yang dulu.

And, tomorrow the teacher will conduct the English Speaking test for UM. So no need to worry much bout that! Because the grade given only 'S' or 'U'. S for satisfactory and U for unsatisfactory. If I managed to get above 50 marks, I think I already pass the exam. And no 'U' will state on my exam slip! Slap me!

So what now?

My weekend? I've just revised Chemistry! Proud of myself. Slap me! Hope I'll remember all those terms, reaction, mechanism (same thing right?!) 

Chemistry test? Not test but my lecturer, Dr Roslinda said... "On monday, I'll call any of you randomly to do the exercise IN FRONT!"

Hah! So I'm kind of lazy + suka bertangguh = so what? ------ and I've just finished the first question! Blank! Second question I think not in our syllabus, so abaikan. 

My MUET speaking test will be held on 19th October! Freaking out but... Ya! Syafiq!!! You can do it! (Not duit!), followed by the-most-important-exam-in-my-life! Final Exam for my first Sem. I know I can do it! Need much effort on Physics and Biology (I didn't manage to get A for this subject during my Mid Sem Test), and Maths...and Chemistry as well! Hah!

I don't know what to say, what to write, speak and even....typing? Just hoping I'll enjoy my day. Tomorrow! 

Pray for me and my sister, Nur Qamarina binti Ahadin. PMR candidates. Huhu! PMR is just.......... hmmm... not to say but its not that hard as you think! Yea! You can do it!



Rasa best pula snap gambar!

Relese tension when I watched this video! Yo Mama So Stup*d! Stop Sign! Fortunately, saya jarang-jarang show up my tension. ^^ 

p/s: Broken English? Terpaksa. Practise makes perfect right? 
Sapa mau tengok Johnny English di Mid? Angkat kening! Jom jumpa! Saya spend pop corn!


  1. bleh plak lupe eh?

    btw, all the best.. gud luck! ;)

  2. @Eyda Syahida manusia berasal dari perkataan arab iaitu naas... yang bermaksud lupa... ceh! agama la pula. hehehehehehehehehe! thanks!! =)


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